Products & Services

Process Integration

  • Workflow design, optimization, and automation
  • Workflow integration into existing systems i.e. analytics engines

System Integration

  • Commercial fleet management setup
  • Incident and business continuity planning
  • Certifications training, including Part 107 guidance

Safety Management

  • Training on commercial flight planning tools
  • Flight data analytics & Storage tools
  • Safety, regulatory compliance, and insurance guidance

DRONEBLOX has announced the release of its streaming based software for drone detection, identification and tracking ISTAR.  ISTAR has an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (“AI/ML”) engine at the core of its software, offering the latest in computer vision technology to detect, verify and track drones in real time.  The system fuses radar, IR/EO, and UTM based data for real time moving map and automated security awareness on smartphones or streaming data to existing perimeter security products.


We provide oversight for selection and integration to over 12 products used around the world to operate, fly, process, and store data from unmanned systems.  Let us help design your unmanned strategy for sea, ground, and air.


The core building blocks are becoming increasingly available for fully autonomous rapid aerial triaging of affected areas

Teaming Manned and Unmanned System

The core building blocks are becoming increasingly available for fully autonomous rapid aerial triaging of affected areas. One could imagine a series of rugged flight cases pre-distributed across a disaster-prone area.

Pre-Positioning Assets

Creating disaster reponse with resilient technology and procedures.

Pre-Positioning Assets

Ready to deploy flight cases are fully self-contained and hold a set of drones, computing, with a range of power generation systems that keep all of the drones charged. After a disaster strikes, each flight case is opened and the drones within lined up for action quickly.

Unmanned Traffic Management

We set up a cutting-edge resource, workflow, and fleet management tools

Unmanned Traffic Management

We know every system and software package on the market used to create cutting-edge workflow for maximum flexibility and fast delivery in a dynamic environment.  Our teams work civil aviation of any country your organization is targeting for flight approval and authorizations needed to fly.

Easy Data Sharing

Challenging environments where data and cloud computing are not available are no problem

Easy Data Sharing

Disaster operations need to form a mesh network allowing transmission of data from remote regions across the aerial grid drones operate in the case of total destruction of telecommunications infrastructure.

Video Integration

Video systems and audio system require flexible software that allows flexibility.

Video Integration

Most unmanned systems only support a single codec for video graphic acquisition.  We provide a set of software tools that provide 100% compatibility with legacy and modern computing tools used in the field.

Stakeholder Support Services

We setup workflows and design custom, FAA compliant, UAS programs to meet customer needs.

Stakeholder Support Services

Our APIs work with existing law enforcement databases. We can also work with clients to set up a stand-alone workflow from the ground up.  Data can be shared with remotely located officers within minutes of arrival.

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